Blogging About Your Stupid Solution Is Still Better Than Being Quiet

You may feel "I'm not start enough to talk about this" or "This must be so stupid I shouldn't talk about it". Don't.

Create a blog. Post about your stupid solutions. They are still smarter than someone else's solution.

Also, come back later and fight your own solutions with better ones.

Show your growth.

But do yourself a favour and turn off comments. Unfortunately, the internet is a toxic place and the fears you may have are created by a small portion of it that doesn't care about people learning.

Focus on your work. Focus on whatever you are thinking. Post about your speculations if something would work. Revisit them later. Answer yourself. All that will show that you're interested in the field and will count points towards you.

There are several options on where to blog; even Github/Gitlab can be used to blogging, using their Pages features.