Beware of Toxic People

You'll find people that, even if they don't small talk you, they will bad mouth everything else -- even some other people -- openly.

Toxic people love drama. They love to put people down. They love to point mistakes made by others -- but never by themselves. Some of them actually do that to make themselves look better in the eyes of the upper management.

Not totally toxic, but I did work with people who would never answer an email unless the manager was in the discussion. Another person would always claims his team did everything they could, even putting himself at the disposal of the manager to solve any issues, and that the problem was not related to their work -- which we proved three times it was.

You need to stay away from those people. They will harm in ways you can figure out immediately. Their attitude towards other (and maybe even yourself) will drive you so down you'll waste more time wondering what you did wrong than doing your job.

One thing to take a lot of care: Even if it is not your intention, you may not realize that you may be seen as toxic 'cause you don't understand yourself yet and the way people react to you.