Don't Hide Your Stupid Solution

You may think "This project is so small and so focused on whatever I needed, I should never post it on Github. What would people think?" Github is not for that.

Github is not a repository for "cool, almost perfect" projects. You're free to show that, at some point, you were a beginner1.

You can always come back, review what you did and fix it. It will, as your blog, show that you're improving.

... or maybe you'll let your project there just to rot. I still have some Python projects that I wrote when I was learning the language that, although they work, they don't look like Python projects.

But who knows? Maybe the code you wrote to solve your small problem can help someone else to fix their problem, which was not exactly the same, but pretty close. Or even you could get a code review that would teach you something new about the language/design you used.


Whoever see the first projects I did in Rust wouldn't think I have 30 years of experience in the field. Everybody is a beginner at some point.