I.T. World Is Really Small

We have two expressions here: "The world turns around"; it means whatever you do, sometime in the future, you'll face the consequences of it. Another expression is "The world of something is an egg"; because the world turns around, if the world is an egg, you'll face the consequences sooner than you think.

What do I meant with those two expressions?

Well, first thing, if you do a bad job, if you don't care about your co-workers, if you're not a team player, if you keep bad mouthing someone... You'll find someone that heard about the things you do and may damage your reputation.

So be nice and a team player.

Just to be clear: Yes, I did my fair share of not being a team player and bad mouthing people1 and I'm pretty sure there are companies around that would never hire me 'cause someone inside heard that I bad mouth someone or didn't do as a team player in some other place. I try to avoid doing it so as much as I can but, hey, I'm just human.


I still call actions of previous colleagues around even to this day. If I'm bad mouthing or just telling what happened is up to whoever is listening to me.